Adriana Cobo-Corey
Granny Square: Crocheting Somers Town Histories Together
2018 - present
Plarn (Plastic Bag Yarn)
2.3m x 1.20m
Courtesy of the artist with participation from the Knit and Stitch Club, We are Ageing Better UK, and CSM Public

Photographs courtesy of Glenn Michael Harper


Adriana Cobo Corey is an architect, spatial practitioner and educator. Her practice-based PhD thesis titled "Taste Untold: Critical Performance Practice and Contemporary Public Space" is a site-specific, participatory action that explores the connections between critical performance and contemporary public space. Her practice and research focuses on aesthetic values of taste concerning the exclusivity of visual images and representation in design. She advances practices of inclusion and cross-cultural referencing in architecture.

She connects critical practices in performance with the cultures and situated knowledge of marginalised communities within specific localities and advocates for the recognition of performance as a spatial practice in the context of the ongoing social shifts in art, design, architecture and urbanism. Her work also advances socially engaged forms of practice with an underlying feminist agenda. Cobo aims to counterbalance social divisiveness.