Eleanor Suess
Lethaby @ 1:15
Scale paper and card architectural model reconstruction of the Lethaby Gallery
1050cm x 2300cm x 300cm  

Eleanor Suess
Untitled [Acrylic Block Photogram series 1-8]  
8 cyanotypes on coloured card stock.
50cm x 70cm

Photographs courtesy of Glenn Michael Harper


Eleanor Suess is an academic researcher engaged in critical practice and writing within the field of architectural representation. Her research explores the intersection of fine art and architecture by linking two strands of practice-based research: artists' filmmaking as a tool for producing time-based architectural drawings; and cyanotype printing to record light and shadow within architectural space.

Titled "Constructing the architectural moving drawing: transdisciplinary practices between architecture and artists' film", Eleanor's thesis established original forms of reading. It made architecturally focused, time-specific artefacts through the construction of what her work defines as "architectural moving drawing". From Eleanor's dual-disciplinary grounding in fine art and architecture, the subject of her thesis emerged from the discovered resonance between structural film and architectural representation. Eleanor's work invites viewers to examine her methodology of testing, reflection, iteration, and response through her hybrid practice to explore the relationship between the "real" and "virtual" versions of space through light and shadows.