Curatorial Statement

What exactly are PhDs? Who can do research? How is knowledge produced? The opacity surrounding PhD research can make it seem obscure and difficult to access. Research departments seem secluded from the rest of the university, remote from the vibrant social life of an art school like Central Saint Martins.

By bringing PhD research into the public-facing Lethaby Gallery, this exhibition demystifies this work, unravelling its mechanisms and opening it up to a broader audience.

Academic discourse and language can be cryptic, yet research is a tool to foster ideas and conversations around important fields of knowledge that should be accessible to all. We have therefore structured the exhibition with openness throughout the space, texts and displays.

We believe events like guided walkthroughs, talks and panels can trigger unexpected conversations and exchanges of ideas. We hope that this public programme will inspire interactions between the local community, students, artists and researchers.

Through this exhibition, we wish to create a dynamic space where knowledge can circulate, be shared and reinvented... by anyone.

Clementine, Ellie, Laura, Weiyi
MA Culture Criticism and Curation

Photographs courtesy of Glenn Michael Harper