Olga Surawska
Discovery in Flux
4 QR codes, research poster and digital interactive component

Images courtesy of Glenn Michael Harper


Olga Surawska is a designer with a multidisciplinary background. Her research is at the intersection of spatial practices, user experience and graphic design communication with an overarching emphasis on discovery. Titled “Discovery in flux: informing design for experience of exploratory walking in changing urban landscapes”, Olga's PhD thesis combines both text and practice-based approaches to inform future frameworks for understanding the embodied response to rapid urban change.
Her work investigates what happens when walkers find themselves in fluctuating built and social realms. Are they too in a state of flux as they move between unknown space and intimate places?  Through her study, Olga provides direct insight into the nuances of the spatial experience and encourages viewers to reconsider how we engage with urban change.