Sasha Burkhanova-Khabadze
Place of Power (Level 1-3)
Digital illustration on C-print 
42cm x 59.4cm

Photographs courtesy of the Glenn Michael Harper


Sasha Burkhanova is an independent curator, art writer and founder of Exposed Arts Projects. Her PhD research is fundamentally a process grounded in the ongoing parameters of practice, interrogating the role of ethics in contemporary art curation. Her work explores how curators can take their values and translate them into ground rules that underline their future practice. Is there value in an overarching algorithm that practitioners could use to determine their basic ethics?

Titled "The Co-Constitutive Ethics of a Contemporary Curator", Sasha's PhD managed to establish an ethical position that in turn generated a unique code that could be applied to judge her curatorial practice. Through the inquiry of her motives, biases and drives, her perspective opposes the traditional rigid understanding of a professional ethic. It brings forward a method of formulating an individual professional ethic that offers four critical steps for any creative practitioner.