Tamara Tyrer
Technological Tornado Woman
Looped Video and Sound Installation
Courtesy of the artist featuring the dancer Natacha Bisarre

Photographs courtesy of Glenn Michael Harper


Tamara Tyrer is an artist specialising in film, video and performance. In her PhD Thesis "Of Space and Time: Film and the Female Performer," Tyrer investigates the representation of female space-time through a visual exploration of female subjectivity.

Through creating two films, Tyrer explores haptic and sensory moving images to explore the power of femininity to deconstruct the male-dominated discourse and propose alternative modes of visuality.
Using the medium of immersive film installation, her work re-visions images of women from film, dance, interiority and sensuality to celebrate the female body. Tyrer incorporates sensory experiences of wind and water, space and time and circularity. Her practice is focused on the early twentieth-century work of Isadora Duncan and Loie Fuller to propose an intermedial space between dance, cinema, stillness and movement.